CV Work in Progress

The designing of my CV is long and hard work as I constantly stumble upon things that would look good on it and struggle not to clutter my hopefully minamilistic design with them. I’ll need to spend alot more time deciding on how the layout for the rest of it will look and maybe I’ll […]

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My Personal Logo + Banner

This is the final finished design for my personal logo. I wanted to make something minimalist as it is my preferred style. My though process for creating the logo wasn’t too intense since I already knew from the start the what I wanted it to contain and how it should look. I took inspiration for […]

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My skills and art so far. Pt2

My skills and art so far. Pt2 I got a drawing tablet at some point in time, a small tablet but good enough for drawing. I watched alot of videos on YouTube, videos of people drawing with tablets. And collected thousands of digital artwork every single piece of digitally made art looked amazing to me […]

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My skills and art so far. Pt1

My skills and art so far. Pt1 Initially I wanted to become a concept artist, I loved the way pencil drawings looked and how complex the art drawn with them could look and wanted to create all my art through that medium. I focused mainly on drawing the Human body getting all the anatomy right. […]

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