My skills and art so far. Pt1

My skills and art so far. Pt1

Initially I wanted to become a concept artist, I loved the way pencil drawings looked and how complex the art drawn with them could look and wanted to create all my art through that medium. I focused mainly on drawing the Human body getting all the anatomy right. I didn’t draw much outside of school so these drawings of hands are some of the first I did, and the mistakes are painfully obvious.
I was extremely interested in 3D work and how shadows were drawn, how any drawing can be made to look good no matter how bad it starts off so long as you have great skills in shading.
I am a perfectionist and perfectionism is a double edged sword, I could make good art but I took such a long time trying to make it perfect that I usually never got the work finished on time.
I wasn’t the best at drawing Human figures at this time so I moved on to other things animals, horses to be more specific.

(Thanks to perfectionism this was the last drawing of a horse I ever did, I was unable to ever make one as good as this, Shading horses is also very difficult for me so I never tried to go any further than this)

College is where I started to get better at drawing anatomy. (I was still never good at faces or hair)
But also where I seemed to get worse at drawing realistic bodies. In my attempt to be able to draw faces an an acceptable level I decided to look at how anime character’s faces were drawn and I started to emulate that. This is what I believe corrupted my ability to draw proper realistic Human figures. That and degradation of my skills from little attempt at drawing outside of school.

In Highschool I was far better at linear art than organic, but I could manage at times to change over. The difficulty of drawing natural Humans shapes in College made me decide to go for the easy route of drawing more linearly. I had forgone smooth shading for a simpler line shading which I really liked the look of. Hands, faces and legs were still difficult but I managed to make a good enough torso and arms. I looked at alot of tips and how to’s to draw Human figures better.

That is when I moved on to digital art.

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