My skills and art so far. Pt2

My skills and art so far. Pt2

I got a drawing tablet at some point in time, a small tablet but good enough for drawing.
I watched alot of videos on YouTube, videos of people drawing with tablets. And collected thousands of digital artwork every single piece of digitally made art looked amazing to me so I saved the, all I wanted to be able to create something as amazing as all of that too. I love every form of art paintings, drawings, digital, photography, sculpture. Everything. 
I had wanted a tablet with a screen as it seemed alot easier to use being able to actually see your pen touching the paper but I thought it would make do for now.
It was a leaning curve for me getting used no not looking at the pen when drawing. And I still don’t think I fully grasped it.
I got a program called ‘SAI Easy Paint Tool’ It was the one almost everyone I was used and so I knew a little about it and how to use it already. I thought using this program would be easy that I’d be making great art like those I saw on YouTube. Nope.
Shading was almost impossible for me and I just couldn’t get the setting right so the brush would look like I was drawing with a pencil. The only good things and what really drew me to the drawing tablet was being able to colour my art right there. (I never liked having to get up and find all the different coloured pencils I wanted to use) and most importantly the ability to redo mistakes. It gave me soo much freedom to draw but I was still never really good at drawing on the tablet as I was without.
Then digital art on Photoshop and Illustrator came. I always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop, photo manipulation seemed amazing after what I was could be done with it.
Digital art may be something I like more than anything because it allows me to stay close to a computer. My natural habitat, the place I feel most comfortable. 
The first thing we did that really made me realise I like this sort of thing was creating vinyl covers. I didn’t really know what a good vinyl cover looked like so I just did what I did.

I wanted to do more but like I said before I work slowly, coupled with the fact I never used Photoshop like this before. I knew the basics but I’ve never made anything in it. I wanted to make alternate covers I messed around with the colour sliders and every single colour looked good I wanted to use them all. So many possibilities. It’s sad to think that you may never able able to try out every one.
Unfortunately I lost a memory stick containing more digital work, of a few posters I made for a company selling keyboards called Korg.
After making those vinyl covers I realised, this is alot easier than concept art, and alot more fun, and I really like how they looked. I went home and decided to look for things to create in Photoshop on my own computer.
The first one was after a game called WatchDogs came out I liked the logo so I decided to make a one like it.
(Yes the pixelation is intended, It’s part of WatchDogs’ theme)
And a variation in the background.
After that I looked on around placed on the internet, and found someone who posted a sketched concept for a logo for their friend “Lab 218”, I thought why not I’ll do that adding my own concept of what it should look like.
(Do you notice the small rectangles spaced out? II I IIIIIIII 2 1 8 I thought it was an interesting idea)
And this is where I’m at. I’ve decided to drop being a concept artist. And decided to go with Logo Design.

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