And my most recent work I’ve just completed today. A Poster for the new Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain.

During my interview for the College Graphic Design, I was told that my work lacked images of the development, how I came to what I finally made, so I did my best to take frequent screenshots of my progress.

Starting off with this image of the Boss’s prosthesis, I cut out the background using a combination of the magic want tool and pen tool.

I then added a gradient background, Since the game is set in Africa and Afganistan both quite arid places the colour of the gradient was a sandy beige.
The separation in in the image were meant to represent the cutting off of a limb, I had thought of having an organic arm transitioning into the prosthesis but I decided against it.
My first Idea was that I would trace around the prosthesis and make a minimalist design I changed my mind and instead experimented with different blending modes, The first one to catch my eye was the Saturation blending mode, It produced an interesting glitch effect, I knew I wanted a sort of sci-fi holographic projection effect in the poster and this came close to it but I moved on and tried something else.
When I came across this while tweaking Hue/Saturation options I knew this is what I was going to stick with, I really liked the way it looked like a plastic piece of game merch.
I didn’t know whether I wanted to keep the sandy colour in the background or make it completely black with a textured background, I decided on the second, and added teal coloured lines which I knew was a colour of Metal Gear Rising’s pallet as well as the IDroid’s projection colour.

I took a sun flare texture from the internet copied and rotated it a few times to make it look like it was shining from the camera of the IDroid where the projected image would emit from.
I didn’t like how thin the lines cutting apart the prosthesis so I took another sun flare texture a thinner one and exchanged the thin lines with it.
I thought the background might be a bit too empty so I picked out a squareish shaped brush and quickly drew a rough shape to imitate a projection, The pattern overlay option helped alot to make that fuzzy projection look.
After adding the Games logo I then combined the camera shine and projection shape onto the poster, when I came to look at it seemed like it had too much of an overpowering blue glow.
I kept on trying to find things that worked and I ended up removing the projected effect from the design and made it alittle simpler and minimalist.
I came up with 3 slightly different designs in 3 different colours.
While seeing what colours would look good I came across this red and white striped effect, Which if the lines were oriented at 90 Degrees would look like a projected American Flag, This is something that I will be sure to remember in the future as something I could add to some of my work if it involves America.

The Final Design

The Clean Thin Lined Style.

The Thicker Brighter Lined Style

And The Minimalist Style.


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