Balfour Beatty Logo

I’ve been focusing alot more on creating logos for Graphic Design after my interview.

I was given a brief by the Graphic Design tutor to design a logo for Balfour Beatty and their client Highways Agency.

I was given the weekend to complete my design, and hand in my sketches and final ideas.
The first thing I did when I got the brief was to create a mind map to pool some ideas, what I could incorporate into my design.

I decided on a Typographic Design as I thought that would make it seem more professional, with minimal colours and shapes.
I based the design on a highway with overpass and offramp.
After sketching the final idea, I went on Photoshop to digitalise it and work on the idea some more.
I messed around with different colours, and shapes to find out what looked best and to find something new that I could use in the final design.
I created some slightly differing designs and finalised my idea.
I presented my ideas along with annotations of my thoughts and sent them off to Graphic Design.

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