Star Citizen Logos

I’ve been wanting to focus on creating some logos but I never know what to base them on. I was introduced to the Star Citizen forum and the player made Corporations, a few of these corporations have professional looking logos and their own brand identity.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get some logo work done.

Here are a few that I’ve made.

Space Trade Corporation

 This is what the members of the Space Trade corporation had planned.

And what I made.

My inspiration for the shiny emblems came from another user on the Star Citizen forums who is Graphic Designer. After a quick search on YouTube I was able to make the shiny metal emblem where before I had no idea how to do it.

Afterwards I made some simplified versions to more fit with Space Trade’s originals.
(I’m also making a Star Trek related logo along side this which seems to have seeped into the Space Trade logo on the simplified leaved version)


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