Deep Space Tyne Logo, Discovery Museum Late Shows


I wanted to create a logo that represented Newcastle Upon Tyne, and the first thing to come into my head was the Tyne bridge. The triangle shape was used primarily as an arrow pointing up towards the sky/space as well as from top to bottom resembles the cone shape of like the projector would emit. Triangles in addition are used in the construction of many bridges including the Tyne Bridge.After much thinking and concept sketches of the logo I ended up unable to create a logo that I liked, which incorporated the Tyne Bridge and the triangle shape I had. So I instead looked on line for some inspiration and came across the NASA logo, I thought making a parody of the NASA logo would be a good idea with the Millennium bridge instead in place of the Tyne bridge.

When I though of the name Deep Space Tyne I hadn’t realised at the time that it was a reference to Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine, I knew it was a reference for something but didn’t know exactly what. I also realised the Millennium bridge looked like Star Trek Badge.


I experimented a lot with this logo, with different colours, different shapes and shading. In this Logo I added the wires that hold up the Millennium bridge. For the Logo to the right of it I had the Idea to make it look like a planet to fit in with something you’d see in space.

I was trying to make something that looked like a professional logo, however I wanted to keep that colourfull look to it to show it wasn’t an enormously serious logo to represent the show.

Final Idea


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