Progression Course

I feel I am managing my time well during lessons and and outside of them, All the work I have to do is manageable inside lessons and rarely do I need to do heavy amounts of work at home to meat deadlines.


My workload for the next two weeks is this:

Week 1:

  • Contextual Studies – Post research on contextual studies assessment
  • Write post about average day at college, working method, how I plan time, how I use resources.
  • Academic Study Skills – Complete/Print all NCG Online Diagnostic&PPD Tasks.
  • Post SWOT analysis of self, of my strengths and weaknesses in terms of blogging
  • Personal Development – Write blog post, what do I want to improve on, what are my weakpoints, what targets do I want to set.
  • Graphic Design Practice Enrichment – Scan and print ‘Primal Scream’ book design paste into sketchbook, Experiment with watercolours, paints , mark making and typography in sketchbook.

Week 2:

  • Graphic Design Practice Enrichment – Experiment with Practice Enrichment book cover, Oranges & Photography, Minimalist Illustration of glass of milk.
  • Carry on work with current book cover design.
  • Academic Study Skills – (Weekly) Blog about what I am doing, artwork & Inspiration I have found/been working on. Images & Videos.

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