Brief Research, Great Magazine Covers (2)

In this Youtube video, you are told what makes a good magazine cover and what may spoil a cover.

The main thing is that the magazine should have a ‘Wow Factor’  something on the cover which instantly stands out and makes you want to pick it up and find out what it is all about.

Covers are spoiled by too much colour or too many cover lines, cluttering the image up and dividing your attention too much. Less is more, as the phrase goes, and is shown strongly from the reaction  upon seeing  the Sunday Style magazine cover come up. (1:52)


Below I choose 12 magazine covers I picked online out of 3 of the magazine brands shown and spoken about in the video; Marie Claire, OK and Sunday Style, 6 covers I liked and 6 I didn’t like.


Marie Claire

The Good

The first magazine cover instantly stood out to me from the model(?) chosen for the front cover, far from the usual women photographed on sterile white backgrounds in a studio to manufacture the perfect shot, the model in this cover is photographed in a real live place, a background outside of a studio, the subject doesn’t gaze sensually at you with unobtainable beauty like other cover women, but draws you in with an air of friendliness, quite different from the usual women chosen to be placed on a magazine cover.

The title doesn’t stand out as much in colour so to allow more focus on the cover image. A smiling face will draw you in more than any text could.

The second and third covers stood out to me more for the colours used, the striking blue colour. A very calming colour on the second magazine. A colour I didn’t see alot of when I looked at the magazines. Blue, a cold and calm colour vastly different from hot, sexy, and urgent red, slows things down to a easier pace giving you more time to read as your own pace.

The third magazine cover stood out I think because of the shade of red, it simply stood out more than the other magazines around it. Perhaps because it isn’t a burning hot pink or a blinding bright red, but a more saturated, not as intense colour.

Sunday Style

There wasn’t alot of covers which stood out to me from the Sunday Style Brand except these 3.

The first one with Jamie Oliver, caught my attention because of what he was doing, at first I though he was simply eating a plate of spaghetti, Which drew my attention straight away, then after seeing the strange sight of 2 computer keys below the plate and reading the title slight above those I suddenly realised it wasn’t spaghetti, but computer components and wires!

The second cover I like because it is soo clean, the font and a texture over the image that I can’t really describe just draws my attention.

Finally the third cover, normally I don’t like covers with multiple colours but it doesn’t look as bad as it could on this magazine, the colours aren’t in your face, super bright and attention stealing, but nice colours that go well together on the cover, It just looks really good to me.

There isn’t a huge amount of text on Sunday Style covers which I think is really good, it doesn’t clutter up a good image these magazines draw you in with stunning visuals, rather than large, shouting text.

Marie Claire

The Bad

These 3 covers stood out (Or didn’t) as covers that didn’t have much of a ‘Wow Factor’ to me.

It’s hard to chose covers that I didn’t like as the ones I didn’t like didn’t catch my attention, still, I did pick 3 that didn’t have much to catch my attention.

On the first cover almost all the text is red, personally I think colours sound be used to catch attention, by colouring almost every bit of text on the cover is spreads out a readers attention too much, it doesn’t make it as clear which titles you really should be looking at.

For the seconds cover the colours and purple tint obscure the text, nothing really catches my eye because all of the colour is almost sucking up any of my focus.

The third cover’s fully red background does almost the same as the second cover, it sucks up most of my attention, the text doesn’t stand out as much to me.


I couldn’t find a single thing I liked about OK magazines, everyone is far to cluttered I don’t know what I should be looking at, nothing draws my attention besides the obvious OK! Logo. It’s just a jumble of text, colours and images which seems not worth the effort to read.


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