What I’ve been Working on

In my practice enrichment module where I have to design a book cover for The Clockwork Orange I have been focusing on typography.

Typography is probably where I am weakest mostly with drawing typography but I also find it difficult when trying to choose a suitable font in my work,  in my latest lesson we were told experiment with type, we were given a sheet with words on and tracing paper to get some practice drawing type this helped me alot as tracing letters builds an understanding of how the lines are drawn, my previous skill in drawing typography was limited to bubble writing but hopefully with more practice like this with tracing paper I will be more confident in trying to make my own typography as I had done here in the lesson;


Typography which I could use in my book cover design.

Scan 6Scan 7Scan 12Scan 13

Scribbles, scratched and generally grungy styles I thought would fit the world of A Clockwork Orange well by creating concept images using the typography below I can get a better idea of how I wan’t my final idea to look and it may even give me some new ideas.



I am wanting a font which looks odd, something which looks’Queer as a clockwork orange’.


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