What makes a good magazine great Cover Report Layout

The contextual studies report I will be writing is about what makes a good magazine cover great, in it I will be comparing 2 magazine covers of differing brands, their approaches, what they do right and what they don’t.

Things will change as I write the report and I might not stick completely to the layout I display below, but I will try to get the general direction I will be going across:


The intro will, obviously, introduce what I will be writing about, what makes a good cover great, a small paragraph on some of the good things and some of the bad.


I’ll start off by talking about the different design practices used in the past and the present and how they are different, (I’ll need to do more research on this subject to be able to properly layout how I will write about it.)

Analyse significant influences when it comes to magazine design, such as the effects different and new technologies have on changing editorial design practices, economic, social and cultural changes.

A more detailed explanation of what exactly makes the good things good and how the bad aspects of a cover affect the overall look. This will include images of what I think are great  magazine covers and I will pick out some bad things about the lesser covers.


This I’ll have to think more on when I figure out exactly how the middle of the report will be handled, but a conclusion is pretty explanatory itself.


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