What I’m working on: Design back Cover of A Clockwork Orange

I will work on and complete the back of my second cover design of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Wednesday. Since I started this new book cover very late into the course I don’t have alot of time perfect little details but I should be able to complete it by Wednesday to hand in on the Thursday deadline.

I’m not very sure how the back of a book should be laid out, or what makes a good back cover good, so I did a quick search online and found a couple websites and blogs that may help me design one that fits.

Here is what I have right now, the back cover in this is just a place holder for now as I figure out how exactly I want the back cover to look.



This blog talks about what an author should have on the back of his/her book, while I do have to stick to the description of the book given, knowing what should be there may help me in the design as I can add other things such as a quote from the book or how I should layout the text most effectively.


This blog gives examples of good back covers, and what things to aim for when making a back cover.


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