Finished ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Book Covers

Designing a book cover for A Clockwork Orange was difficult, mainly because I have never read the book and didn’t know what it was about, I couldn’t get an idea of what the design should look like. I didn’t want to make it a copy of all the other covers, covers of Oranges, Eyelashes, clockwork gears, bowler hats, etc.

I wanted it to have more of a meaning to it. For most of the course I was stuck with this uninteresting design unable to come up with anything different.

Luckily about more than half way through the course the Youtube channel Wisecrack made a video on the meaning behind A Clockwork Orange, and what they said gave me the direction I needed to come up with a better idea.

{{FINAL Hat and Eye Cover}}

A3 Hat and Eye Preview.jpg

The theme of Good vs Evil immediately made the Yin Yang symbol appear in my head. When Alex is corrected and his ability to do harm is taken away from him he “Ceases to be a man”. Both good and evil are necessary in life.

I spent a while drawing ideas incorporating the Yin Yang, and eventually settled on the bowler hat placed on a Yin Yang, the two sides of the symbol to show Alex’s Ultra-violent side (Blood dripping from the brow) and his ‘corrected’ side (Tears on his cheek)

I had difficulty deciding on a font, but I eventually got one I thought fit, a soft and round sans-serif font that I could add drips of blood to.

The back is similar to the first design but I thought that fit this new cover better.

{{FINAL Yin Yang Cover}}

A3 Yin Yang Preview

I enjoyed this course and designing a book cover, I had wished it was a book I had read as it was difficult to come up with ideas since I never read the book and didn’t fully understand the meaning behind the movie. Still, I’m happy with the final design and the things I learned in this course


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