My average day at College

Upon getting to college I will do 1 of 2 things, either work in a sketchbook if there is no digital work to be done, or if I am drawing designs for the module. Otherwise I will be on the Mac working at whatever I need to do from a checklist I made. I don’t […]

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Aaron Draplin – Graphic Designer

Today I wanted a video of Graphic designer Aaron Draplin, on working efficiently with illustrator, In this video Aaron shows how easy it is to use Illustrator to make a simple vector image. He shows how knowledge of how to use illustrator, especially of shortcut keys, and the different techniques you can use to do whatever you desire […]

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— Inkblot images when aligned vertically look alot like the ideograms of the Japanese alphabet. Deep black ink conjurers images of the void, a scary, black unknown. Inkblot images look very mysterious and lovecraftian because of this, they feel like they will affect your sanity. Really cool inkblot test posters by Chris Spooner The […]