New Module Digital Skills Acquisition

The brief for this module is:

I will submit one portfolio of work however this is to be split into two seperate components that I must submit for assessment.

Component 1 – ‘Content’

You are required to produce a digital response based on the term ‘Content’ Using the theme Rorschach.

You are required to analyse and reflect on your college/work experiences to date and analyse your personal skills, qualities and attributes in a professional context. You should develop strong themes and have a visual identity.

Component 2 – Development Workbook

You must submit a workbook showing your progress throughout this module focussing on the technical processes and developments that you have followed. You should use Adobe InDesign to produce this book and it must contain annotated screen grabs, evaluations and personal reflections of your acquisition and application of digital techniques.


I’ve written down what I will be doing in the 5 weeks given as the deadline and will try to follow them closely.

Week 1

  • [WORKBOOK] Draw scamps for  different layout styles for the Brochure
  • [WORKBOOK] Annotate and show examples of how I will use typography in the Brochure
  • [WORKBOOK&BROCHURE] Research Rorschach theme, what it is, what the test is, who came up with it
  • [WORKBOOK] Look out for grungy, dark artwork to get inspiration from. (Hush art)

Week 2

  • [BROCHURE] Finalise layout
  • [BROCHURE] Begin designing 12 Page Brochure on the theme of Rorschach

Week 3

  • [BROCHURE] Continue work on Brochure

Week 4

  • Finish Brochure by this week
  • Monday 2nd May, before 2pm send finished Brochure to be printed
  • Work to complete Digital Workbook

    Estimated Delivery

    Wednesday 4th May — Wednesday 11th May

Week 5

  • Finalise everything in Development Workbook.
  • Deadline 12/05/16

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