My average day at College

Upon getting to college I will do 1 of 2 things, either work in a sketchbook if there is no digital work to be done, or if I am drawing designs for the module. Otherwise I will be on the Mac working at whatever I need to do from a checklist I made.

I don’t plan my time in any specific way I just work on what needs to be done at the time, I have a general Idea of how long everything will take to do so I just take my time working on things one at a time.

I work firstly on collecting Research, then sketching designs, digitalising those designs and creating new ones, developing those designs into the final one, I move on from the final piece to create mock-ups of how the final design will look like on whatever it will be going on, a book, newspaper, etc. After everything is done I will usually go back and add more to the sketchbook to fill it up.




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