My progress since September

I believe I have progressed alot since September, I’ve learned lots of new things from this course in Graphic Design.

Editorial design and how to layout everything in  a magazine spread, before I never knew how everything should be laid out for a magazine spread and I never realised how difficult it was before. How to use programs I rarely used such as Illustrator and InDesign, I always stuck with Photoshop but as I learned more about how to use those two other programs I got more comfortable working in them and began learning new techniques I could put to use in my work in the future. A large array of new knowledge concerning design and of Illustrator and InDesign.

I understand more how important researching a topic is in order to gain inspiration, generate better ideas and get a firmer grasp on what you intend to do.

As I learn more about Illustrator and the skills and techniques needed to become fully comfortable using it I expect my work to get better, and to be able create more efficiently and to a higher quality.



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